Great Ideology of Border Patrol Police School

Inspired by exemplary teachers in her childhood, Teacher Saichol intends to provide children with opportunities she had received.

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“I have a life goal which concerns becoming a teacher. As a child, I grew up in a low-income family. But when I was a student at Border Patrol Police School, I had been inspired by the teachers because they taught me to become literate, to farm, to plant and to earn.

Motivated by her ideal teachers, Saichol Jaisue, a teacher of Tako Pit Thong Border Patrol Police school, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province, is honored to be a part of the school she has graduated from and wishes to provide students with what she had once obtained.     

Throughout 22 years of serving as a teacher, she has prompted many children to apply for a teacher at Tako Pit Thong Border Patrol Police school in order to improve their hometown. Teacher Saichol’s dedication raises the educational standard of Tako Pit Thong Border Patrol Police school as efficiently as those schools in big cities.    

Teacher Yui claimed she has a life goal to become a teacher, thus she directly specialized in related fields, although she never expected to return as a teacher at Tako Pit Thong Border Patrol Police school because there is a restriction that passing the border patrol police examination is required prior to becoming a teacher. However, the Kuruthayat (teacher’s heir) project, aiming to produce teachers for local development, allows Tako Pit Thong Border Patrol Police school alumni to return and become teachers at their own school.   

“In my mind I’ve never thought of coming back, because it is mandatory to primarily pass the border police examination. Fortunately, by virtue of the Kuruthayat project, it helped me with my restoration by having to succeed in the police training for the duration of 1 year and teacher training for 6 months.

Student development under constraints

When Teacher Yui was a student, there were merely 4 teachers who supervised almost 30 students and were responsible for teaching, food preparation, and planting in the local area. Despite the fact that border police teachers have not directly specialized in the Faculty of Education, they can contribute to students’ literacy and basic knowledge in terms of living. Teacher Yui is one of the successful results of her teachers’ dedication. 

“In the evening, students will light a candle in order to study and sleep at a temple. Teachers will advocate the study, tell fairytales and instruct other general knowledge. It came to a point where I was motivated to become a teacher. Previously, teachers were capable of a number of things. They could apply surrounding things to teaching. As a teacher, I intend to provide the opportunities I ever received to students. I only wish that after graduation, they would want to return as a teacher to pass on knowledge to the next generation.”

Teacher Yui often repeated to her students that she used to be one of them. With the desire to return as a teacher, she concentrated on her studies and returned to help develop the local area. Teacher Yui is regarded as a role model by her students; her devotion is an accomplishment. All things considered, this is a reward to keep her determined to pursue her dream.    

Dedication to students’ literacy

There are two of the alumni of Teacher Yui who are now serving as teachers at Tako Pit Thong Border Patrol Police school. Apparently, this is a passing on of opportunities from generation to generation. Given that some students who moved to Suanpheung Wittaya school, the school of the district and received the highest score in the classroom, is an example demonstrating that students from the Border  Patrol Police school are qualified and successful. Their capabilities are as equitable as those of students from other schools. One of the key concepts is student-centered learning.

Tako Pit Thong Border Patrol Police school today is supported by the Equitable Education Fund (EEF). EEF has collaborated with Phetchaburi Rajabhat University to elevate the quality of education by holding activities for the capability development of teachers. In the meantime, schools are the foundation to enhance students’ literacy because most students are indigenous people who do not usually speak Thai on a daily basis.

In this regard, teachers of the Border Patrol Police school will be trained and selected as ‘volunteer teachers’ to teach extra courses for students who struggle with reading and writing for an additional hour a day by relying on Teacher Siwakarn Patummasoot’s 4-step ladder principles, a set of solutions to students who are illiterate. Also, the teachers have adapted teaching format to suit students’ ability. For example, music or fairytales can help students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to regain their attention. Students then evolve by becoming literate, additionally resulting in better learning outcomes in other subjects.     

Teaching materials are all around

Teacher Yui asserted teaching materials are ubiquitously available both in the environment and in the internet search. For instance, another teaching tool for students’ learning is the school’s agricultural area, because they have to farm, including planting and raising animals such as pigs, chickens and ducks. For that reason, students can learn mathematics from the cooperative account.

As a whole, anything can be a teaching material for students as long as they can properly put it into practical use. Students will be able to learn, following their maturity. The school’s way of teaching does not encompass memorizing. Rather, taking actions in real-life situations. This is considered to be a life-long learning. 

“I want the Border Patrol Police school graduates to have a better quality of life. They can return to develop their own local and give the younger generation chances they have received. This will create a circle of beneficence which is a precise development. Besides, this circle will make students in border areas equally acquire a better quality of life,” said Teacher Yui. 



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